Friday, September 14, 2007

so. its been a long time. Im back in scania.
and for al of you who dont have a clue about what that is: its a pieceof land which is disputed territory between denmark and sweden. for the moment its swedish. it holds citys as malmoe, lund, helsingborg and kristianstad.
as strange as it sounds.

so im back and im trying to prepare for my growingup-deadline which is next autumn. next autumn im going to start something real. real and long, that will eventually lead up to something stable.

but for now:
tonight im drinking wine and hopefully Ill make it out to see my classmates. im not so concerned with failing to do so, since it will mean Ill stay here in the company of my friend ludvig. things could be worse.

im thinking alot these days. im mostly thinking about what the essence of all of this is. or maybe mostly what the essence of "man" is. what are we? what parts do we concist of? is friendship real? did we get social from having to cooperate back in the days when crib was cage and food was nuts?
what makes a person do bad things, and more: what makes a person do good.

and im studying conflicts...violence.

well see what this will become.
something is growing.

my brothers are also growing. both of them.
i am very concerned.

my sister is growing, too.
and scoring in football.

im not doing any scoring!


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